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With our wealth or experience and knowledge, we are able to offer a range of varied services

Gauge Change


We offer a complete service to change the gauge of your machine. This is more common than in the past with the shorter order runs, and the quick turnaround demanded by the fashion industry.

Installation Options

  1. We can provide kits for your own personnel to install or

  2. We offer a complete service, with our highly-experienced technicians taking care of all aspects of the conversion, from start to finish

Stock Service

We offer a number of used cylinders and conversions in our stocks. If you are looking for a specific gauge change, please contact us, as we can either obtain an OEM part or have it custom made from our worldwide engineering contacts.

Machines Purchased


Due to a very successful period over the last year we are looking to replenish our stocks of used machines please let us have details of machinery you have for sale.

We purchase a wide variety of machinery covering most areas of the textile industry including –

  • Circular knitting

  • flat & warp knitting

  • dyeing & finishing equipment

  • inspection & testing equipment

  • garment manufacturing equipment

Global Service

We purchase and supply machines in all parts of the world. We have many years of import/export experience – let us take the logistics problems off your hands.

Machines Purchased

We are always looking to add to our used machinery stock and will consider any textile machinery and related equipment.

We also have customers worldwide looking for used machinery so please tell us about any surplus equipment you may have. We may buy it from you or advertise it on your behalf.


You may also consider part-exchanging machinery that you don’t need for something new or used that you do need.


We can arrange to collect your present machine, give it a thorough overhaul and upgrade and then return it to you, re-install it and test it, to your satisfaction, in situ.

Reconditioning Process

For a full reconditioning we –

  • strip the machine to its bare components

  • re-spray the frame and guards with OEM paint

  • replace any worn items

  • re-build the machine to either its original specification or

  • update it to meet your requirements.


All machines are then fully tested before return to you.

It sometimes makes financial sense to renovate and modify an existing machine instead of buying a new one, especially when most updates can be retro-fitted.

Renovation may also make sense if it is difficult to find a suitable replacement machine, particularly if the specification is unusual.

Installation & Consultancy


We can install and commission machinery at your premises. Our experienced technicians can also perform alterations, fabric development or diagnose electrical or mechanical problems.

Project Management


We have experience acting as project management consultants where we are not only instrumental in the selection of machinery, but also its supply, delivery, and on-site installation - worldwide. We can also arrange management and technicians to establish production either indefinitely or for a contracted period.

Technical Expertise


We have a wealth of knowledge cumulated over two generations and as a result we are able to give advice on most textile related technical issues.

Over the years we have established an unrivalled reputation and have long standing relationships with both insurance & financial institutions. We offer a valuation service for existing plant machinery or new acquisitions.

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